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Pitzer College Trustees Reject a Hateful & Misguided Action: Pro-Israel Students Applaud the Move

The Claremont Progressive Israel Alliance applauds today's decision by the Board of Trustees of Pitzer College to rescind a Student Senate bylaw that sought to unfairly punish certain businesses that did business within the West Bank. The Trustees’ statement noted that the hastily approved student legislation endorsed a view that is not shared by the College and, “does not align with Pitzer’s commitment to inclusion and respect for diverse viewpoints.”

The Student Senate originally passed the hateful and divisive measure on April 16 – Easter Sunday and Passover – with less than two-thirds of student senators in attendance. There was no advance notice given for the vote, and many students who otherwise would have voiced their opinions at the meeting were away with their families, participating in religious holidays.

CPIA looks forward to working with Pitzer students in the year ahead to find points of unity among Pitzer students of varying backgrounds and beliefs and to encourage dialogue and understanding between groups with differing viewpoints.

Here's the full statement